For passionate patrons pursuing arts immersion, Ascend Classical’s exclusive Premier Elite Club facilitates total behind-the-scenes cultural access across exclusive global showcase events and gatherings designed just for discerning members seeking what no single ticket can unlock.
As our most prestigious lifetime inner circle, Elite Members open portals into rarefied echelons of creative process through privileged glimpses offered nowhere else — Parisian palazzo retreats, backstage opening night access, observing concept sketches take form. Witness productions premiere-firsthand as VIP guests during specialized retreats, die-hard arts devotion granting glimpses no spotlight yet touches.
Members also personally connect with rising talents during annual Tuscan countryside trips to Studio Lirico’s modern maestro seminars. Nestled amid olive groves, glimpse current icons-in-training under iconic Maestro Paolo di Napoli, future repertoire unveiling as the next generation inherits tradition’s timeless stage.
Having cultivated creative relationships across continents, members receive invites to exclusive annual Elite gatherings in Boston, Hollywood, Milan, Prague and other destinations —luxe venues transformed into cosmopolitan artistic salons curating connections between patrons passionate about stewarding arts eminence at its apex.
For those ready to unlock unprecedented insider participation sustaining the art-form’s legacy, Ascend Classical’s Premier Elite Club offers arts appreciation evolving into full cultural lifestyle immersion — the ultimate arts devotees’ journey only beginning once the curtain falls.
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