Ascend Classical offers exclusive opportunities for philanthropic investors to support the creation of new American opera works that stand the test of time. We develop poignant and entertaining productions unrestrained by traditional funding limitations or political pressures.
Our model aligns donor priorities with opera's lasting cultural impact. Premiering groundbreaking new works that fuse innovative style with opera's 400-year history, we create enduring classics for future generations. Through broadcasts, films, community engagements, and more, these works deliver entertainment and inspiration to diverse audiences worldwide.
Join our exclusive group of forward-thinking patrons shaping the future canon of American opera. Fund the artists and productions that will one day be seen as turning points in the art form’s history and our country’s cultural legacy.
Make an eternally meaningful investment in the works that move, delight, and inspire audiences for generations to come. Partner with Ascend Classical to build artistic wealth that stands the test of time.
We invite you to contact us to discuss custom giving opportunities tailored to your philanthropic goals and interests. Collaborate directly with our team to create a personalized plan for supporting specific programs, productions, artists, or initiatives that best fit your intentions as a donor. Together we can build your family’s legacy in the arts while nurturing promising talent and enriching our cultural landscape.
Shape new classics unfettered by political pressures or commercial constraints. Invest in American opera’s future. Get in touch today.
Thank you!
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