Ascend Classical is a luxury brand and community catering to discerning individuals who appreciate fine living, wellness, entertainment, and the classical arts. Our primary focus is on opera and classical music. We produce traditional and new works for the opera stage, guiding the creative process from discovery and composition to full theatrical production. We also produce concerts and recitals, discovering and developing partnerships with today's top musicians while also fostering the next generation of rising talent.
Beyond live performance, Ascend Classical nurtures the audience experience through vivid recordings, riveting documentaries, and contemporary media. We leverage these tools not only to spotlight timeless works, but to reveal their ongoing relevance in modern life. Our community celebrates classical heritage while recognizing the arts as a living, evolving tradition rich with creative possibility.
Whether producing beloved operas from Puccini or Wagner, showcasing emerging vocal artists, or crafting documentary films, Ascend Classical's mission is to cultivate enduring engagement with classical music. We honor enduring traditions of the past while also exploring new creative frontiers. Guiding artistic development and moving arts appreciation forward, we strive to make the classical arts entertaining, relevant, and accessible to modern audiences.

Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom and the arts, serves as the perfect muse for Ascend Classical. As part of the elite Capitoline triad, Minerva brings prominence and gravity. Her associations with music, poetry, craftsmanship, and eventually war capture the creativity, discernment, prestige, and discipline required to master classical arts. With strategic grace, Minerva has inspired excellence across artistic realms since antiquity. Ascend Classical draws on her storied wisdom to enrich lives through beauty, imagination, and cultural sophistication.

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